Joshua Ellis: The Cashmere Stole – A Seasonal Top Five

Joshua Ellis: The Cashmere Stole – A Seasonal Top Five

The cashmere stole is a wardrobe staple you simply cannot do without – and if you haven’t done so already, it’s definitely worth investing in.

Widely regarded as the ultimate in luxurious comfort, our variety and range of cashmere stole means it doesn’t just enhance your autumn/winter outfit, because it’s an accessory that can last you all year, and often, a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for that neutral style, or a patterned design that will make a statement, there’s no shortage of options to choose from on our site, and to assist further, we’ve put together the below top five that we think you might like.

So, without further ado…

Primary Blackwatch Stole
Our cashmere is seen as a precious fabric and one of the highest quality. Comfortable and soft, this iconic favourite makes for a beautiful accessory that is not just traditional in layout, but contemporary in its scale and colour. The unique ripple finish on our cashmere stoles use an age old finishing process and create the most luxurious handle and lustre around. If you like it, why not take a further look here.

Windowpane Cashmere Stole
The Windowpane Cashmere Stole is made from our finest cashmere, and woven in England. This luxurious stole is very soft, but alongside your clothing, contributes to helping you feel warmer in the more chilly months.
If this is a personal favourite of yours, we aim to dispatch your order as quickly as possible and we offer a next day delivery service through DHL.

Cashmere Tweed Stole
Wrap yourself up in our exclusive Cashmere Tweed Stole range. You know that the finest cashmere is developed alongside our very own cultural heritage here in Yorkshire, and this particular cashmere stole range simply oozes elegance and class. The rich colours are ideal for a variety of occasions and seasons.

Block Check Cashmere Stole
Another favourite of ours, the elegant block colour combinations and sporadic patterning really bring out the colours and create a unique and vibrant feel. This iconic choice makes for a beautiful accessory – traditional in layout while at the same time contemporary in scale and colour.

Glen Check on Plain Double Faced Stole
There’s very few things that feel as luxurious as our Glen Check on Plain Double Faced Stole. The distinctive Glen Check Cashmere Stole is timeless and is the ideal accessory on a night out, as part of your work outfit, or in a less formal setting.

If you’re based further afield, on items delivered to Europe, delivery is free on orders 150 EUR and over.

We do hope you’ve enjoyed just a selection of our cashmere stole range, but there’s plenty more for you to sift through on our site.

If you’d like any information about our cashmere stole collection, or anything else we’ve discussed in this article, then please get in touch with a member of our team today. It would be great to hear from you and discuss possible options.

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