From the world's finest fibres to the world's finest fabrics

The SIL Group

We employ almost 300 people at multiple sites in the UK and our supplier and customer network cover more than 50 countries.

The Group’s skill base spans all of the key textile manufacturing processes – from sourcing and stockholding the world’s finest natural fibres, to expert independent yarn trading. The dyers and weavers in our Group are market leaders and retain skills that have survived in only a handful of specialist businesses across the world.

Our group strength comes from the diversity of our businesses, the stability offered by centralised group support functions and the strategic overview we gain from integrating our market knowledge. Our structure and operating principles ensure that each business remains autonomous, allowing them to remain close to their customers and respond quickly and effectively to changing priorities. This approach ensures that an entrepreneurial spirit is sustained throughout the Group and each brand is able to pursue individual goals.

Seal International

Seal International is a world leader in speciality fibres – including mohair, cashmere, alpaca, silk, angora, camel hair, yak and vicuna. Their experienced team travel the world to buy the finest fibres at source and nurture strong and lasting relationships with trusted partners whose values are aligned to our own. Together they achieve sustainability and traceability throughout. The family business has traded for three generations and its unstinting focus on quality assurance, reliability and innovation continues to deliver the world’s finest fibres.

SIL Group, MBA Yarns

MBA Yarns

MBA Yarns is one of the largest independent yarn merchants and stock holders in Europe. They offer tailored solutions to meet the individual requirements of a range of industry sectors including apparel, upholstery, technical yarns and knitting yarns. MBA’s experienced team has extensive technical knowledge and strong links to the Production businesses within The SIL Group. These links, combined with their independent buying power, allow MBA to adopt an agile and flexible approach to yarn trading and respond effectively to the specialist demands of individual clients.

William Halstead, SIL Group

William Halstead

William Halstead is still weaving in its original 1875 mill buildings in the historic textile city of Bradford. The company, named after its founder, is world-famous for weaving the finest mohair fabrics and traditional worsteds. Over many generations, they have consistently produced an inspiring collection of innovative designs with a quintessentially British look. A highly talented in-house design team and a passionate sales team work closely with the world’s most iconic luxury fashion brands and they will collaborate with you to deliver something truly individual and special.

John Foster, SIL Group

John Foster

Founded in 1819, John Foster remains one of the world’s leading weavers of superfine worsted and mohair cloths. John Foster prides itself on reliability and quality. For over 200 years the business has supplied leading fashion houses and garment makers around the world. With a reputation for innovation and design, the business continues to produce some of the most sought after cloths available.

Kynoch of Scotland, SIL Group


Boasting a vibrant, distinctive and luxurious collection of woollen jacketing, coating and twist suitings. Kynoch has blended modern manufacturing methods with traditional skills to weave depth, sophistication and character into every metre of cloth. Founded in 1788, Kynoch has become a worldwide brand, synonymous with designs which capture the palette of colours found in the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Borders. Timeless and enduring traditional designs ensure that Kynoch is worn by royalty, world statesman and Hollywood film stars.

Joshua Ellis

Joshua Ellis is renowned for producing the finest handcrafted cashmere and woollen cloth used for jacketing, coating and a range of accessories. Since 1767 it has manufactured luxury fabrics for the finest fashion houses and exports to 23 countries. It is also a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance which works with the cashmere supply chain to preserve and restore grasslands, ensure animal welfare and secure the livelihoods of herders.

Standeven Fabrics, SIL Group

Standeven Fabrics

Known as “The Tailor’s Mill” Standeven manufactures and merchants fabric around the world. All of their fabrics are created exclusively for tailors and woven at Standeven Mill in the heart of Yorkshire’s historic textile industry. Standeven Fabrics control the whole process giving cut-length buyers in more than 50 countries direct access to the finest worsted cloths. As a Group member, Standeven benefits from integrated group logistics and shared expertise from fibre to fabric. Their innovative craftspeople use age-old techniques and modern approaches to weave luxury cloth for the world’s finest tailors.

Abbotsford Textiles

Abbotsford Textiles has an outstanding reputation for producing hard wearing, high quality fabrics that meet the rigorous standards of many sectors including corporate, education, hospitality, leisure and military. Abbotsford holds both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification and is committed to reducing waste and limiting environmental impact while also maintaining product quality by operating a scrupulous quality management system.

SIL Group, Stanley Mills

Stanley Mills Weavers

Fabric has been woven at Stanley Mills since 1890 and today it is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s finest weavers of worsted cloth. The mill is also very proud to be a specialist weaver of fine mohair fabric – one of the few surviving mills that excels in this unique craft. It produces luxurious pure wool and cashmere worsted suitings with a meticulous emphasis on quality. Stanley Mills is a contemporary success and is renowned for weaving exquisite cloth for the world’s most iconic international fashion brands.

SIL Group, FTS

FTS Dyers

FTS are at the leading edge of yarn dyeing technology and have invested heavily in state-of the-art equipment and production methods in recent years. Widely recognised as a market leader within the United Kingdom, their high-tech machines are attended by experienced operators who draw on generations of dyeing expertise dating back to 1947. FTS specialise in the package dyeing of woollen yarns, wool blends, luxury protein yarns, synthetics and cellulosics. By stocking over 120 dyes, they offer an exact colour- matching service to all sectors within the textile industry.

Roberts Dyers & Finishers

Roberts Dyers & Finishers

With a heritage stretching back to 1900, Roberts Dyers & Finishers is one of the leading cloth finishers in the world. They specialise in dyeing and finishing fine quality British fabrics for the clothing and furnishing industries. Using both traditional and modern techniques, the Roberts team can provide supremely accurate colour-matching and create unique and innovative finishes like Nanosphere and CoolBlack. Their piece dying service is responsive, efficient and extremely cost-effective for customers. They can process wool, cashmere, mohair, linen, viscose, cotton and blends of fibre.

Cashmere Combing, SIL Group

Cashmere Combing

The Cashmere Combing Company was formed in 2006 and can trace its uninterrupted dehairing production back to 1972. CCC processes a number of natural fibres including cashmere, camel, alpaca and mohair. To avoid fibre contamination, separate rooms are used for machining white and other darker fibres and humidity is strictly controlled to maintain the highest quality product. Specialist processes include blending loose fibres to tops, blending slithers to create colours (using up to 7 gill boxes), making loose fibre into film and breaking a sliver into broken top.

George Ackroyd

George Ackroyd

George Ackroyd has perfected the craft of mohair combing. Generations of specialists have handed down the skills needed to comb mohair and alpaca fibres. To ensure product quality, the process cannot be rushed and George Ackroyd has invested in and developed bespoke machinery to produce the finest product. The end product bears the hallmark of the George Ackroyd name and is transformed into luxurious goods that are sold at the world’s most exclusive fashion outlets.

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