Abbotsford: Mount Zion to Illingworth Moor Flower Parade

Abbotsford: Mount Zion to Illingworth Moor Flower Parade

We are proud as a company to have been able to contribute offcut fabrics to the creation of this powerful Flower Waterfall in memorial of those who have lost their lives during the pandemic.

Residents of Halifax have come together, inspired by the display of thousands of poppies around the Tower of London, to remember those who have died during the pandemic and celebrate those who have helped the community.

The stunning ensemble of over 2,000 flowers in perfectly harmonious colours designed by Local artist Candida Wood and created by crafters, schoolchildren, businesses, church members and friends was walked from Mount Zion to Illingworth Moor Methodist Church.

The Flower Waterfall’s main message is: “For those we have lost in the pandemic and celebrate all those heroes who have helped the community, working with the church to support people physically, mentally, and emotionally through recent times.”

With the help of the local fire service the Flower Waterfall was able to be mounted onto the Gable end of Illingworth Moor Methodist Church in Halifax for all to see.

If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alison Hilman [email protected].

Photography by the Flat Cap Photographer

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