William Halstead: Special Development Tartan

William Halstead: Special Development Tartan

Representing the continuity of Bradford’s industrial heritage in woven fabrics, customers have the opportunity to harness our wealth of technical weaving skill with a receptive creativity to develop individualised cloths, all woven and finished within a few short miles maintaining our commitment to local production.

Special developments offer creative freedom through our combination of own production, technical knowledge, and creative design. With determination we provide customers with fabrics that work in today’s commercial reality and stand up to the technical rigour of houses at the pinnacle of the fashion world.

Meticulous selection of quality yarns from our world view of global suppliers provides the foundation of any development realised efficiently and with quality.  Our productive team is gathered from the brightest and best in U. K. textiles providing a benchmark for English cloths combined with all round technical textile knowledge. 

This eye-catching Tartan pattern perfectly demonstrates our flexibility to collaborate with customers to develop specific cloth constructions, designs, and colours in addition to our creative seasonal and comprehensive stock supported collections. 

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