The Possibilities of Classic Melton

The Possibilities of Classic Melton

Abbotsford textiles Classic Melton range is one of their most versatile fabrics due to its wide range of colours and high-performance qualities.

They supply Classic Melton to various professionals in many different industries, from furniture manufacturers to small re-upholstery businesses. As a fabric manufacturer, they often send our fabrics off without knowing their end uses. It’s a thrilling mystery to see what they are tagged in on their social media next.

From furniture and art installations to clothing and more, Classic Melton is a beautiful blank canvas with so much potential. Explore some of their favourite end uses below;


Tree Tents

UK-based Tree Tents took Classic Melton to new heights, in their extreme wilderness cabin design. Their vision was for a lightweight yet robust treehouse sanctuary, adaptable for mounting on stilts or suspending from trees in woodlands, on slopes, or even by the water’s edge. Naturally, they wanted the interior fabrics to match their vision, and Classic Melton’s durability made it the perfect choice.

River Island

Embracing a classic aesthetic, popular clothing store River Island incorporated Classic Melton into their dressing room design, crafting elegant drapes. The vast colour palette in this collection, offered the perfect flexibility to match their vision.


Abre Etteh

Abre, an artist deeply inspired by architecture and community, uses his work to explore the relationship between people and places through the lens of “cultivation.” In his exhibition, “The Swaledale Gates,” he drew inspiration from the stunning Swaledale landscape and, naturally, chose our Yorkshire-made woollen fabric, Classic Melton to create his artwork.

Textiles, for Abre, hold a unique power to showcase the human effort behind creation and capture the natural world’s diverse design. We were delighted to see how he seamlessly incorporated our fabric into his artistic vision.

Find out more about Abre and ‘The Swaledale Gates’ here

Twisted Loom 

Twisted Loom harnessed the limitless potential of our fabric. Transforming this versatile fabric into a stunning work of art. Their printed designs breathed new life into the material, creating an unrecognisable yet captivating footstool suitable for the high-end interior market.


Lorouc is a small, British interior textiles company based in Brighton. Dedicated to colourful design, Lorouc took our Classic Melton fabric and handcrafted these beautiful cushions using a mixture of traditional applique and innovative new production methods, such as laser cutting.

Agile Acoustic

Utilising the natural noise-reducing properties of wool, Agile Acoustic chose Classic Melton for their innovative range of specially designed acoustic Pods which can be used in both educational and office interiors.


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