Standeven Fabrics: Chatting with Megan, our Commercial Admin Assistant

Standeven Fabrics: Chatting with Megan, our Commercial Admin Assistant

Today we caught up with Megan from Standeven and had a chat about her experience within the company, interests in the textile industry, motivation, and vision for the future…

So Megan, what made you want to work for Standeven?

I started my career working in the Luxury Fabrics cutting and pattern room, I was given the opportunity to join the Standeven team around 3 months ago which felt like a natural progression at the right time for me to progress within the industry. The Standeven team is like a family, we all share the same passion for quality cloth, design and customer satisfaction.

How long have you been working in the textile industry, have you always wanted to work within this industry?

I have been working for Luxury Fabrics for 2 years now, prior to that I was studying Fashion at Ravensbourne Uni in London. I have always had an interest in fashion and design, although working solely with textiles was never on my radar. Working closely with the fabric has given me more of an insight into not just fashion and design, but the raw fibres and manufacturing of cloth itself. I am enjoying getting to know the industry and find it very fascinating.

Yes I bet, seeing it in the mill firsthand really is spectacular. What are you enjoying the most working within this industry?

For me, the most stimulating part of the job is the customers, I have developed a strong professional relationship with our customers. It is interesting to see which fashion houses Standeven works with. I enjoy keeping up to date with the trends for the upcoming seasons; this ranges from colour, texture and pattern – seeing the trends transpire through the fabric design and manufacture in our mill is truly captivating.

What do you find motivates you within your role?

Working in Standeven, no day is the same. I enjoy interacting with our existing customers, it is always great to catch up with them and find out what they are working on and what their upcoming plans are. Equally, meeting new customers excites me, I love to get to know our customers and gain a real depth of knowledge into their personal style and requirements. Day-to-day we are met with various tasks and challenges, I take satisfaction in problem-solving and communicating, the prospect of finding solutions enthuses me.

Yes, I think variety is so important in a job to keep you interested. How about the future of Standeven, what can you tell us about the company’s goals?

The future for Standeven is endless, the whole team shares the same vision and dedication to make Standeven develop and grow globally.

All of our cloth is produced in our own mill based in Yorkshire meaning we are able to respond to the market. We have created a brand renowned for its quality cloth while embracing our roots with the heritage in our design and manufacture, this will only continue into the future.

Thanks Megan!

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